ZURU maintains a strict Ethical Sourcing Policy that forms a part of our contract manufacturing agreements with our product suppliers. ZURU requires that its suppliers abide by our labour protection mandates, meaning that suppliers:

1. Allow employment to be entered into on a completely voluntary basis, meaning there is no forced or bonded labour, slavery or human trafficking.

2. Forbid restrictive practices such as requiring employees to lodge deposits or their identity papers, meaning employees are free to leave their employment at any time without restriction.

3. Promote a safe and hygienic working environment for employees, including regular health and safety checks and training.

4. Forbid child labour, meaning suppliers must only employ employees who meet the local minimum age requirement as set by law.

5. Comply with local legal requirements pertaining to working hours and overtime; and forbid harsh or inhumane treatment, such as abuse (physical, verbal, sexual, psychological or otherwise) and other forms of intimidation.

All our suppliers are required to hold and maintain active ethical audit certifications from either SEDEX or BSCI.

ZURU Health is also committed to reducing our overall carbon footprint & recognise the importance of sustainability within the health sector. To that end, we are actively engaging in moving toward more environmentally friendly product packaging and new/innovative sustainable products in the future.